Tuesday, August 14, 2012

5 silly gifts for men

Assalamu'alaikum readers :) 

i am lazy to do a 'warming up' you know the hi-how-is-your-day and the like intro so i just straight jump *do frog jump* to main topic for tonight. mari borak2 pasal hadiah, gift, present, gave, dárek, regalo, cadeau, donum, darček, darelo and yang sekaum dengannya :D 

okay, being me is that i am always short of money to buy a birthday present for my close friends and family. HAHA. i also greet them simple but i never miss to include 'sorry for any wrong doings and thanks for everything' :D 

i list 5 silly gifts for men below. you might like to try to give it to your brother or boyfriend. if they think you are outrageous trying to being funny, tell them to die. oops! that's too harsh. nah, just kidding. lol. 

1) hair brush for bald men.
2) a pink shirt with words "you are mama's favorite baby" on it.
3) a big bottle of mineral water and a big bottle of coco-cola. insert a card saying "take one and leave one." 
4) cactus toothpick holder.
5) flying alarm clock.

cactus toothpick holder

flying alarm clock

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