Saturday, August 11, 2012

business: how to turn poor plastic bottles into rich fuel :D

Assalamu'alaikum readers :) ehemm *clear throat* throughout this fasting month, my throat is experiencing a bad drought 0.O actually, i nearly spelled 'drought' wrongly, draught? HAHA. luckily, Mr. Google comes in action. lol.

hmm sometimes i wonder what would replace oil and gas if this non-renewable resource left nil source of fuel energy to Brunei. about 95% of Brunei's economy comes from oil and gas industry. this curiosity leads me to research an alternative source of energy and fuel which can, perhaps, be applied in the Sultanate which is plastic bottles.

i believe if you collect plastic bottles from every family you might able to get aaa lets do the maths 1st ( i love maths NOT ). estimated total number of humans in Brunei is 400,000 plus. HAHA. so, for each person he/she might keep five plastic bottles at least. a baby might has two Barbie milk bottles and three Madagascar ones. HAHA. you calculate 400,000 multiply by 5 gives you 2,000,000. assume this bottle collection is being conducted every month. 2,000,000 times 12 months is 24,000,000 per year. 

back to our topic how to turn plastic bottles into fuel. most of plastic bottles are made from petrochemicals and these petrochemicals are made from crude oil or natural gas. 

in Egypt, an amazing teen, Azza Abdel Hamid Faiad, 16 had came across a high-yield catalyst called aluminosilicate which can break plastic polymers into ethane, propane and ethane. these gases can be further converted into ethanol and naphtha. in fact, ethanol is one of the good fuel alternatives. almost all gasoline in the U.S. contains low-level ethanol blend. a high-level ethanol blend can be used in fuel vehicles. and i believe through super complex processes it can generates electricity at domestic level. naphtha is made into cleaning solvents, diluent and fuel for camp stoves.

Faiad is yet to patent her idea. she might currently doing it. anyway, wish a very good luck to her. this teenager just inspired me A LOT :)

as long as we're using oil, it looks we might as well find ways to reuse it.

p/s: so start saving $10-$20 every week now so you can set up plastic bottles conversion business in 20 years time. 20 years? whatever. lol.

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