Thursday, August 16, 2012

business: funny short videos.

Assalamu'alaikum readers :) 

the idea to write about funny short videos come in mind when i watched several hilarious clips inside my cousin's smart phone. the short clips believed to be created by aaa i forgot this guy's name. heee... anyway, he is from Sabah. auw bah heee... 

i am sorry because i don't save the clips neither inside my phone or laptop so i am not able to share them here. but don't  worry, i will ask my cousin to send the funny videos to me. maybe tomorrow. or the day after tomorrow. or the coming day after the day after tomorrow. HAHAHA. berbelit2 alah ular nyamu :p as for now, let's talk how we can make kaaching $_$ from just making less than 60 seconds clip :) well, if you have better idea or suggestion but still related with tonight's topic, feel free to drop your comment below. 

well, i guess most of you guys are familiar with or how to use windows live movie maker or VideoPad or Adobe Premier CS4 or yang sekaum dengannya :D what you need to do is aaa sketch something for example two men and a bus ( depends on one's creative idea ) or take random pictures and then you edit this, crop that, apply this, add that, remove this, touch up that blah blah blah.. you know better how to make a video than me.

the product from the video making process ( huh why suddenly sounds so formal business-like ) which is a hilarious short video then can better be uploaded into specific website, could be your official site, where you can charge viewers for example $0.80 if they download 60-seconds videos or $1.00 above for video longer than a minute. i don't recommend you to share your masterpieces ( HAHA ) on facebook or twitter because you wouldn't get any financial benefits if people download yours for free. bear in mind this topic is all about business even though i am presenting it at all times in silly way. unless you make videos just for fun and non-money motive, you must focus if you are serious to make kaaching $_$ from this simple idea of business, okay?

well, GOOD LUCK! when there is 1 will, there are 1001 ways ;)

p/s: Cadbury and KitKat, which chocolate brand is better? Tom and Jerry, who is the bad character? lol.

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