Saturday, August 18, 2012

food: are you chocolate maniac?

Assalamu'alaikum readers :) 

setiap kali ke kadai, bali chocolate. setiap kali kan bali chocolate, ke kadai. setiap kali masuk kadai, cari chocolate first. setiap kali chocolate first, masuk kadai. HUAHAHA.

i super duper zuper loveeeeeeeeeee chocolate. but am not maniac because takut kana diabetes. kekeke :p if i have lots of $$$ surely i will buy double lots of cho-co-co-la-late *stammering* :p

koleksi chocolate wrappers ku :3 actually, more than this. aku banyak buang lain. sayang... 

things inside a girl's bag :D can you list at least 5? :p
chocolateSSS <333
if you are a strong chocolate lover, do comment up on whatever you want about chocolate. spread the sugar aaa love :p 

your ex-lover's favorite chocolate eh? HUAHAHA.
aaa gotta go. will be balik kampong for Eid Celebration. not sure for how many days. when i got back home, will blog more. xoxo :D

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